‘Lehenz’ Son Si-woo revealed the behind-the-scenes of KT’s winning streak and donut ceremony along with the preparation process for Gen.G.

On the 11th, in the 4th week and 4th day of the 2nd match of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, kt Rolster stopped Gen.G eSports’ winning streak and recorded the 5th win, making it to the west of the leaderboard. settled down

“Lehenz” Son Si-woo, who was interviewed after the game, praised the Gen.G team, saying, “There are colleagues who were with Gen.G in the past. I’m happy that my teammates are doing well, but it felt good to win against them.”

“Aiming” Ha-ram Kim said in a POG interview after winning the D+ KIA match, “Son Si-woo ‘Lehenz’ said he would win”, Si-woo Son shook his head. He said, “We were able to win because all five of us were doing well together,” but he trembled, saying, “I never said I would win, but I asked to win.”

Accurately knowing your enemy is a key factor in achieving victory. Since it was Son Si-woo who ate with ‘Doran’ Hyun-joon Choi, ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho, and ‘Chovy’ Jeong Ji-hoon, when asked if his advice was given during the preparation process, Son Si-woo said, “I paid attention to Han Wang-ho in particular. Han Wang-ho is the core of most operations, so I said about him. We talked a lot. 안전놀이터

Regarding the evaluation of going back and forth between the low and high points, Son Si-woo said, “Listening to that kind of evaluation is that the performance is different every day, so of course it doesn’t feel good.” And in any situation, I talked a lot with the players about what Son Si-woo’s best was, and the players also talked a lot, so I was able to show a good performance, “he seriously revealed how he was able to overcome the ups and downs.

On this day, Siwoo Son showed a ceremony by taking a big bite of a donut after the game. When asked what kind of ceremony it was, “In 2022, Gen.G had the nickname ‘Donut Churros’, named after the players’ summons. ‘Ruler’ Jaehyuk Park and I were missing, so ‘donut’ remained, so I ate donuts.” I was thinking of eating at home,” he joked lightly.

Son Si-woo, who said that it was so fun that reactions came out naturally, said, “All the team members have no energy. The reason was that “Haram is more fun than I thought. I want to raise him a little.”

KT Rolster’s final opponent in the first round is DRX. Son Si-woo laughed, saying, “DRX seems to be out of sync these days, but in fact, KT was the originator.” There’s also ‘Beryl’ Jo Keon-hee. Of course, I will not ignore it, and I will think of it as a new game rather than a streak and prepare well.”

Son Si-woo said, “I think you will be happy to win three consecutive victories. I am happy to show you a much better performance than the previous game. I will not lose my awareness of the next game as if I am facing a new first game. I will do my best to support you. I will do my best to repay you.” The interview ended with the determination.

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