Carrot, a new club, is in crisis of being deprived of the right to advance to the PO for the first time in history

. Day One Sports, a subsidiary of Day One Asset Management whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, acquired the existing team Goyang Orion in May of last year and newly established it. Day One participated in the professional league under the current team name by attracting Korea’s first digital non-life insurance company, Carrot Insurance, as a naming sponsor.

With former national team coach Heo Jae as the representative, more topics were gathered. In addition to this, former Anyang KGC coach Kim Seung-gi took over as the command tower and brought in Jeon Seong-hyun, one of the best shooters in Korea, through free agency. It even held a grand opening ceremony at a cost of about 300 million won. From the very beginning, it caught the eye with splendor.

Nevertheless, there were not a few people who were worried about Carrot’s actions at the time. It’s because there have been various rumors since entering the professional basketball game. Unlike other clubs, the plan to raise operating expenses by attracting naming sponsors rather than relying on support from the parent company was fresh, but it was true that the stability side was tilted.

Doubts about the ability to raise funds to run the club followed, and in fact, approval from KBL (Korea Professional Basketball) was delayed because the plan for this part was poor. Regarding this, CEO Heo Jae expressed confidence, saying, “As it is a newly formed team, there seems to be a lot of concern about this and that, but there is no need to worry at all. We will become a club that creates a new wind in Goyang.”

However, it did not take long for these ominous signs to surface. Voices of concern began to rise as it was revealed that Orion, the previous club, had not paid the acquisition cost in full, and that the remaining 1 billion won in special membership fees, which is the cost of joining KBL, was behind. To make matters worse, the players and club staff have reached the point where they are unable to receive their salaries on time. These issues are still unresolved to this day.


in such a situation, the Carrot team did not lose their fighting spirit and appealed with good performance that was not like a new club. Jeon Seong-hyun has emerged as a star who continues the lineage of KBL’s signboard shooters by showing all-time performance, and Lee Jung-hyun is also raising expectations as the next-generation ace through steady growth. The team’s performance was also good enough to compete for the lead at the beginning of the season. As of March 24th, with 26 wins and 25 losses (0.510 win rate), they have already confirmed their advance to the playoffs in the round of 6.

Here the problem arose once again. As the payment delay continued, KBL decided to disqualify the playoffs if the remaining 1 billion won was not paid by the end of March. It could be the worst skit in history, where you can’t run in the playoffs because of money even if you perform well. In the meantime, reports continue that the money to be paid to the players and team employees, as well as to the subcontractors, is delayed for several months, adding to the sadness.

The eyes of the fans watching this are also cold. In a situation where the popularity of professional basketball is already declining, the Carrot incident has poured cold water on it. There are high voices of criticism against Day One, who jumped into the pro without responsibility, and KBL, who approved it. There are also voices of criticism saying that CEO Heo Jae, who stands in an ambiguous position between the perpetrator and the victim, ‘will have to take responsibility in some way’.

The naming sponsorship contract with Carrot Insurance has also been terminated. The reason why Carrot signed a 4-year sponsorship contract was because he expected the effect of the advertisement. However, as the days went by, more and more negative issues surfaced, which had the adverse effect of deteriorating the image of the company. This is an unprecedented event in the history of professional basketball where the club name changes during the season. 먹튀검증

Day One, whose sponsorship with Carrot has ended, is seeking a new parent company and is negotiating to acquire the basketball team. When a new contract is signed, it is preparing to participate in the league with a team name related to the parent company. Until then, they plan to work under the team name ‘Goyang Day One Jumpers’, but the KBL side is currently drawing a line saying that this is unacceptable. It is the position that it is impossible because there was no official procedure related to this and there was no board approval. Sponsorship has ended and the team name has been changed, but a bizarre situation is taking place that continues to be introduced as Carrot externally. This is a point that can be guessed from the fact that the current situation is not being systematically processed.

Possibility of an incident in which the 7th-place team advances to the PO due to fisherman’s geography Although

Park No-ha, the CEO of Day One Sports, is negotiating the sale of the operating rights, it seems difficult to resolve the current situation smoothly unless there are groundbreaking variables. While the former club Orion still owes unpaid bills, the deadline for paying the subscription fee to KBL is approaching. The club’s operating expenses and overdue players’ salaries continue to rise. Even if a company interested in purchasing it appears, these parts will inevitably act as a burden.

The biggest victims are the players. The only crime the players have is to believe in the club and work hard. Even in a poor environment where he could not receive his salary on time, he worked hard throughout the season and even made a clear achievement of advancing to the playoffs. However, the reality was that they were driven to a situation where they could be forced to play the playoff stage regardless of their will. If Carrot is disqualified, the 7th place team will go to the playoffs instead of fishermen, so the team cannot feel good either. There is a high possibility that the atmosphere will pour cold water on the popularity of professional basketball.

Although the situation is somewhat different, there are not a few basketball players who think of the Korean Tender (now KT Sonicboom) club in the past while watching the Carrot incident. This is because it is a representative team that has participated in the professional league since the first year of 1997 as Gwangju Nasan Flamence and has suffered a lot due to various economic difficulties while the club name was changed to Gold Bank and Korean Tender. It was called a byword for a poor team until the parent company changed to KT, such as snacking on boiled eggs in the sauna and sleeping in motel rooms at once.

Former Korean Tender coach Lee Sang-yoon, who was called the ‘Hungry Corps’ and achieved the legend of the semifinals in the 2002-03 season despite difficult circumstances, said in a phone interview with Sisa Journal, “The current Carrot situation honestly doesn’t seem like someone else’s business. It is true that it is very difficult mentally if you face it directly as it should not happen. At the time, the Korean Tender did not lose wages during that time. I somehow made it, and I remember that the players played harder even though I was grateful for that part. In that respect, I think that Carrot may have a harder time than we did at the time. I hope that the Carrot team will not lose their energy and give strength.”

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