DPL Kia head coach Choi “Bible” Cheon-ju reveals why he chose to play Yoon-seol.

DPL Kia defeated Liv Sandbox 2-0 in the sixth week of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. With the win, the team improved to 7-4 (+7) and moved into sole possession of third place, ahead of Hanwha Life Esports (6-4, +5). 메이저도메인

Choi gave second-team supporter Yoon Seol a chance to play. Speaking at the post-match press conference, Choi said, “Yoon Seol started the game. I was worried because it was her first first-team game in a long time, but she gave 120%. Thank you to Yoon Seol.”

D.P.L. Kia has been using Kim “Kellin” Hyung-kyu as a supporter for a while now. This is the first time they’ve made a change to their starting lineup this year. A poor showing in the first round prompted them to make a change. The team went 1-3 in the final stretch of the first round, which included back-to-back games against strong teams.

“After the four games of the first round, we looked at the patch version and the team situation and decided on the overall direction of the team. “Considering the team’s situation, game meta, and direction, we decided that Yoon-seol would be more helpful and suitable for the second round,” Choi explained.

Choi said, “I think it’s unfortunate and upsetting for Kim Hyung-kyu (to be left off the starting roster) anyway,” and that he had a calm conversation with him. “I told him that I wanted him to take a step back and look at Yoon Seol’s calls and situational judgment, and that I hoped it would be an opportunity for the two players to grow together,” he said.

Indeed, Yoon Seol and Kim Hyung-gyu have been practicing with the first team together. “When we were preparing for this match, the two supporters took turns playing in practice,” says Choi. Even when they weren’t on the field, they were discussing various things in the practice room and preparing together,” Choi said.

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