Manchester United (Man United) is promoting the signing of Marco Verratti (30, Paris Saint-Germain) this summer.바카라사이트

Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ reported on the 8th (Korean time) that “Man Utd, Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur are showing interest in signing Verati this summer.”

Verratti is considered a loyal player who has dedicated himself to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) since 2012. Last year, he also showed his loyalty to his club once again by signing a new contract for 4 years.

However, recently, abnormal airflow has been detected in the relationship between the two sides. According to reports, Verratti is distrustful of PSG’s project and is said to be disappointed by fans’ excessive criticism.

The uneasy relationship spread to transfer rumors. ‘Pichahes’ said, “Man United, who are looking for a partner for Casemiro, are interested in signing Verratti.”

He added, “Verati is the type that perfectly fits the tactics of coach Eric ten Haag. Manchester United will spend a lot of money to sign Verratti.”

Fierce recruitment competition is expected. It is said that Juventus will go through massive reinforcements to challenge for the Serie A title again next season.

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