Men’s professional volleyball team Woori Card is stepping up to expand grassroots volleyball in its hometown of Seoul and foster dreamers.

Utilizing the team’s slogan, “Spike the Seoul,” the Woori Card has designed and implemented the “Spike your Dream” campaign, hoping to inspire youth to pursue big dreams through volleyball.

‘Spike your Deream’ is a campaign in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, the Seoul Facilities Corporation, and child welfare centers to hold volleyball classes for about 300 young people, giving them the opportunity to experience volleyball and interact with the team.

On the 21st, Woori Card invited 15 elementary school students from the Mirae Regional Children’s Center to Incheon Songlim Gymnasium, the team’s training facility, for a one-day volleyball class.

After a successful start to the campaign, Woori Card is now launching ‘School Attack’, a program that visits schools to introduce volleyball.

In cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Woori Card recruited schools with sports clubs who wanted to visit the team. More than 100 schools applied to participate, and through a high competition rate of 17 to 1, six schools were selected: Changil Elementary School, Nanwoo Elementary School, Seoil Middle School, Ongok Middle School, Gyeongin High School, and Deoksung Girls’ High School.

On the 23rd, Woori Card players visited the six schools in groups of three. Outside hitter Song Myung-geun, outside hitter Kim Ji-han, and setter Han Tae-joon visited Deoksung Girls’ High School and taught 25 students basic skills and posture correction.

The athletes laughed at the students’ clumsiness, but spared no effort to teach them as much as possible in the limited time available.

The students also took the lessons seriously. After a few moments of embarrassment, they focused on the lesson and tried to catch every word and gesture of the athletes. At the end of the lesson, we split into teams and played a match with the players.

Jang Yoon-seo, a freshman at Deokseong Girls’ High School, who showed the best volleyball skills of the day, said, “I’ve only played volleyball at school, but it felt so good to have the players I’ve seen on TV teach me in person,” adding, “It was like a dream, and I still can’t believe it. We practiced together, and I think it was more helpful than I thought,” she smiled. 카지노

Kim Ji-han, who served as a daily teacher, said, “I was able to have fun teaching the club students who love volleyball,” and added, “I hope to have more opportunities to meet them in the future.”

Meanwhile, Woori Card will continue its ‘Spike your Deream’ campaign with a youth club volleyball class with the Seoul Facilities Corporation on the 25th, and visits to representative elementary, middle, and high schools in Seoul that will participate in the national competition next month.

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