The physical growth of Eddy Nketia (23, Arsenal) is a hot topic.

Nketia won the youth player title in 2015 when he joined the Arsenal under-18 team. He made his first team debut in the 2017-18 season, but there were not many opportunities and he went on loan to Leeds in the 2019-20 season to grow. After his return, he was mainly used as a replacement resource.

It was only from last season that he received an opportunity in earnest. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Chelsea), a key striker of the team, left for Barcelona after a disagreement with coach Mikel Arteta. Nketia occupied the position of a forward striker and proved his potential by scoring five goals at the end of the season alone.

Coach Arteta believed in Nketia’s talent and even signed a new contract. Arsenal signed a long-term contract extension with Nketia and gave him number 14, the shirt number of legend Thierry Henry. However, in the first half of this season, he did not play as much as expected. With Gabriel Jejus taking the starting position, Eunketia started playing mainly in cup competitions, not leagues.

However, similar to the previous season, Nketia’s role is growing as the second half of this season approaches. A crisis has come to Arsenal, which is running at the top of the league. As Jejus suffered an injury, he had to leave for about three months. In order to win the Premier League title after 19 years, Nketia’s performance was necessary, and Nketia repaid it with a goal. 토토사이트

Nketia scored the team’s third goal in the first game of the second half against West Ham, reporting the beastly this season. Nketia, who also scored in the next game against Brighton, scored multiple goals, including a theatrical goal, in the rivalry against Manchester United. With 4 goals already, he is close to his last season record.

There was a physical improvement in Eunketia’s growth. According to Britain’s ‘The Sun’, Eunketia strengthened her physical strength through strength training for three years. He also tried to keep his body in good shape through diet. As a result, Nketia has a body that can compete with opposing defenders, and this has also upgraded his strengths, movement and linkage.

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