T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-1 in the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 20th and won two consecutive wins. T1 coach Seong-Woong “Bengi” Bae answered various questions about the match he played today and the next match against Guangdong Freecs.

▶T1 ‘Bengi’ coach Seong-Woong Bae “
Tomorrow is Lunar New Year’s holiday, so it’s nice to have two consecutive victories. I lost a bit in the first set, but in the other two I played the game the way I wanted, so I felt comfortable. After the first set, I liked my opponent. There was a composition that I thought I would do. So in the later set, I thought it was important to play the game except for the opponent being confident.

In fact, since the tournament has just started, it seems that each team has a different tier arrangement. From our point of view, too I have sorted out the tiers internally, but I am thinking about this because I am not sure that this is unconditionally right. It is still in the early stages of the league and I think it is important not to break the flow, and it seems to be an important moment to ride the Guangdong transition flow. Prepare with the goal of winning. would” 온라인바카라

▶kt Rolster coach Kang “Hirai” Dong-hun “It
was the first match, so the players were nervous. I was able to do it, and since it was just the beginning, there were parts that didn’t fit a lot, but it’s encouraging to be able to check it. It was good to be able to find a positive image against the strongest team, and I learned a lot. As

for the 3-set combination, I actually tried to use the strengths of the mid-jungle. The plan went wrong when an accident occurred in the jungle. Jerry’s growth should have continued smoothly while using Ryze to put pressure on the side against Kassadin, but it got tangled in the beginning.”

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