Francesco Marolda, a journalist who is known for his harsh criticism of Kim Min-jae (26-Naples), spat out bitter words again.

Italian media outlet ‘Arena Napoli’ noted Marolda’s comments on May 5 (KST), saying, “Marolda criticized Kim Min-jae once again.”

Marolda said, “Although Kim Min-jae won the Serie A title with his Napoli teammates, I am still not convinced of Kim Min-jae’s defensive abilities.” “In my opinion, Kim is a great defender only outside the penalty box. Inside the penalty box, on the other hand, he often misses strikers.”

Marolda also laughed as he turned to Claudio Bellucci, a former striker on the broadcast panel next to him, and said, “If you were playing against a defender like Kim Min-jae, you could have scored more goals.” Bellucci played as a striker for Bologna, Sampdoria, and Liverpool during his career.

Local Italian media outlets have praised Kim throughout the season. Marolda was one of the few Italian journalists to criticize Kim. “I know that very few people criticize Kim Min-jae. I don’t really have anything to say about this situation. Everyone is right, and I’m the only one who’s wrong,” she said sarcastically.

This isn’t the first time Marolda has tried to bring back Kim Jong-un. Back in May, we wrote: “There are three players in the Napoli squad who are irreplaceable. Victor Osimhen, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, and Stanislav Lobotka are irreplaceable. However, Kim Min-jae can be replaced.”

“He’s a player who makes a lot of mistakes,” he explained. “He is not strong in one-on-one fights with strikers. It’s hard to disagree with the assessment that he is good 스포츠토토.”

Despite Marolda’s criticism, Kim won the Serie A Best Defender award for the 2022-23 season. He is the only Asian player to win the award since its inception. No other Italian player has ever won the award.

It seems likely that Kim will leave Napoli after winning the Serie A title just one year after joining the club. At the moment, a move to Manchester United in England is the most likely scenario. However, Kim will have to undergo basic military training in South Korea this June. Once he has completed his training, a decision will be made on his transfer.

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