Kyrgyzstan’s powerhouse Rajabal Sheydullayev has been disqualified for failing to make weight, meaning he will not be able to compete and advance to the finals.

Sheydullayev had reached the quarterfinals of the bantamweight (-63 kg) tournament at ROAD FC 064 in Gwynne on June 24, defeating South Korea’s Yang Ji-yong with a rear-naked choke after a seven-fight winning streak. He was scheduled to face Japan’s Akira Haraguchi in the semifinals after defeating the last bantamweight champion of ROAD FC, Munghoon Moon, by unanimous decision.

However, Sheydullayev was disqualified at the ROAD FC 065 weigh-ins, which took place on the 25th at a special outdoor stage on the Anyang Cultural Street. He weighed in at 63.2 kilograms in the first weigh-in at 12 noon, exceeding 200 grams. His opponent, Haraguchi, passed with 62.9 kilograms.

In a normal competition, athletes who fail the first weigh-in have a second weigh-in, but in a tournament, the contract only calls for the first weigh-in, so Sheydulayev did not have a second weigh-in.

As a result of Sheydullayev’s failure, Haraguchi automatically advanced to the final, where he will face the winner of the semifinal between South Korea’s Kim Soo-chul and Brazil’s Bruno Azevedo for the $100 million prize.

The biggest star of the night was Lee Myung-hoon. Anyang is his hometown and he owns a gym in the city, and although he announced his retirement after losing a unanimous decision to Haraguchi in June, the news of the tournament being held in his hometown prompted him to come out of retirement and take on Yang Ji-yong in a bantamweight tournament reserve match. 소닉카지노

Yang Ji-yong, who has been provoking Jung, said, “I’ve been watching Jung since I was a kid and dreamed of becoming a fighter. I’m sad that this is his retirement match, but I’m going to kill him. That’s the etiquette of MMA,” he said, adding, “I will KO him with my fists in the first round.”

After weighing in amidst loud cheers from the people of Anyang, Problem Hoon stood on the podium with his child disciples and said, “I had a fight with Yang Ji-yong before, and I wanted to beat him up once. I wanted to beat him up in a tournament, but I lost, so I announced my retirement.” “Ji-yong wanted to fight me, and I wanted to show it in my hometown, Anyang, because it was a meaningful retirement match. I’m not behind in terms of hitting. I’ll show him that even though he’s older, he can hit hard,” he said.

Kim Soo-cheol, the ‘strongest man in Asia’, passed the weigh-in to the second loudest cheers of the night after Lee Myung-hoon. Unlike most athletes who roared with a serious expression on their faces, Kim took the time to smile and wave after the weigh-in. After introducing himself to the crowd, Kim said, “I’m Kim Soo-cheol, who was beaten by Mr. Matterhoon 10 years ago,” and then added, “Mr. Matterhoon is retiring, and I’m so happy to be able to compete that day. He is a player and coach I admire. I’m envious to be coached by a player like this,” he said, first expressing his respect for Problem Hoon. “I’m not thinking about strategy tomorrow. I’m going to drag Bruno down to hell,” he said confidently.

His opponent in the bantamweight semifinals, Bruno Azevedo (BRA), said, “Kim Soo-cheol is famous in Korea, but I’m also famous in Brazil,” adding, “Kim Soo-cheol fought my old teacher. I will also fight with confidence.”

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