The LA Lakers’ fierce counterattack is beginning.

카지노사이트 On the 28th (Korean time), CBS Sports of the United States announced the NBA Weekly Power Rankings.

The Los Angeles Lakers have hovered in the mid-lower ranks all season. However, this week the Los Angeles Lakers moved up 12 spots to 12th.

CBS Sports said, “The Los Angeles Lakers are on the rise after the All-Star break. After beating the Dallas Mavericks, D’Angelo has been playing well without Russell.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have strong one-two punches from LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, due to frequent injuries, he had to miss and play repeatedly.

season end. James and Davis are up and running. Russell Westbrook was ‘disposed’ by trade. Instead, they reinforced their strength by bringing in starting point guard D’Angelo Russell and powerful shooter Malik Beasley.

In the US, it was said, “If the LA Lakers, who struggled throughout the season, go to the playoffs, they will be able to aim for a strong upset.” It is still not at the top of the West, but in the playoffs, it is expected that it can leap as a strong championship candidate.

The strength of the East Yanggang Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics continued. They placed 1st and 2nd, respectively. The Denver Nuggets are third and the Philadelphia 76ers are fourth.

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