In the final match of the first round of the 2023 LCK Summer Split at LoL Park in Jongno on Sunday, KT Rolster swept OK Savings Bank Brion 2:0. The team fell behind early in the first set, but capitalized on their opponent’s mistakes to take the lead, and then capitalized on their early advantage to win the second set. With the win, KT Rolster finished the first round with an 8-1 record, and the two teams will meet directly in the second round on Sunday.

In the first game, OK Savings Bank Brion took a slight lead in the early game as they played well in all lanes and actively roamed to ‘Mumtee’s’ laning spot, scoring the first kill without losing any ground to KT Rolster.

However, KT Rolster suddenly picked up the pace after entering the enemy jungle and grabbing ‘Umty”s kisser. The two teams were evenly matched in terms of base weight, but KT Rolster took every dragon timing and built up to three stacks, and ‘Cuz’ Sejuani opened up the engagement with an initiation that utilized his ultimate in the mid lane. 메이저사이트

OK Savings Bank’s Brion responded well, but in the ensuing Baron engagement, KT Rolster took the upper hand. With the Dragon Soul timing, OK Savings Bank Brion got the first dragon, but it was lost in a single hit, and KT Rolster easily rolled a snowball to take the first game.

Game 2 followed, and this time, KT Rolster definitely took the lead from the lane. Especially on the top lane, ‘Gi-in’, who took Renekton, had a significant lead against ‘Morgan”s Xanthe. KT Rolster, who also secured a Herald, utilized the Herald in the mid to get turret gold. OK Savings Bank Brion was also at a disadvantage, but ‘Mumty’ Poppy was able to get a Renekton on the tower, giving the tower a boost. After that, Brion turned the tide and built up a dragon stack.

However, this time, it was OK Savings Bank’s Brion that fell apart at some point. KT Rolster broke the opponent’s dragon stack, and Rennekton entered well in the engagement and won a big win. After taking the baron, KT Rolster started to pick up the pace and broke OK Savings Bank Brion’s nexus at 32 minutes of game time, winning the last game of the first round 2:0, with a good record of 8 wins and 1 loss.

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