Park Seok-min (NC)’s annual salary fell sharply, recording 93%, the highest reduction rate ever in the KBO League, compared to the 2022 season. NC Dinos concluded salary negotiations ahead of their spring camp departure.

On the 27th, NC said, “The 2023 team salary contract has been completed. A total of 62 players, excluding rookies and FA players in 2023, are eligible for renewal this year.”

The highest salary increase rate was recorded by “Ace” Chang-mo Koo. Gu Chang-mo, who signed a non-FA multi-year contract (up to 7 years and 13.2 billion won) with NC in December last year, will receive an annual salary of 600 million won, a 216% increase from 190 million won last year.

In addition, it is characterized by the fact that pitcher Kim Si-hoon and fielder Oh Young-soo, who are from the region, each recorded the highest increase rate for each part, excluding free agents and multi-year contract players. 메이저놀이터

Kim Si-hoon’s annual salary increased from 30 million won last year to 90 million won this year, with a 200% raise, the highest among pitchers excluding multi-year contracts (player Gu Chang-mo), and Oh Young-soo’s annual salary increased from 30 million won to 60 million won with a 100% increase, the highest increase rate for a fielder. it ran Kim Joo-won also stamped for 90 million won, a 50% increase from last year’s 60 million won.

In addition, Kim Jin-ho signed a contract with 60 million won, a 100% increase from 30 million won, and Kim Young-kyu signed a contract with 140 million won, a 47% increase from 95 million won last year, and joined the first billion-dollar annual salary club.

While the salaries of players who showed potential and contributed to the club in the 2022 season rose significantly, veterans could not escape the wind.

In particular, Park Seok-min’s annual salary plummeted to 50 million won, a whopping 93% cut from the previous 700 million won. This is the highest annual salary reduction rate in the KBO League. Park Myung-hwan (LG) in 2011 and Lee Taek-geun (Kiwoom) in 2020 cut 90% from 500 million won to 50 million won, which was the highest annual salary reduction rate ever.

In the end, Park Seok-min, who was disciplined by the KBO and the club for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules in 2021, played in only 16 games in the 2022 season due to absence and injury, batting average 0.149/0 home run 9 RBIs. In the end, he was in a position to aim for honor restoration through the 2023 season’s ‘Hundred’s Warlords’.

Veteran relief pitcher Shim Chang-min, who moved from Samsung through trade but was sluggish, also saw a 46% cut from 280 million won to 150 million won.

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