KT has not been able to operate the Pilseungye Tujo for a long time recently. KT, which was in a sharp decline as injured players poured in to the point of being called an injury ward, fell behind with 1 win, 1 draw and 12 losses in the preceding 14 games. Key bullpen pitchers such as Kim Jae-yoon and Park Young-hyun have not been on the mound for a long time.

KT made a big inning in the NC match held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 10th. In a situation where starter So Joon Sohn suffered from an elbow problem during pitching in the 4th inning and was beaten after 3.1 innings, KT, which was trailing 0-4, shook NC starter Myung-Ki Song at the end of the 4th inning and scored 5 points. In the bottom of the 6th inning, Moon Sang-cheol’s two-run home run put the team ahead 7-4. It was a game where you had to keep a 3-point lead.

In the beginning of the 4th inning, So Joon Sohn, who went down while pitching to 1st and 2nd base with 2 outs, Lee Seon-woo, who was rushed in, blocked one batter well, followed by Son Dong-hyun in the 2nd inning, and Park Young-hyun in the 1st inning until the 7th inning.

카지노사이트 However, the KT mound failed to overcome the hurdle in the top of the 8th inning. Three wild fights led to decisive runs.

Kim Young-hyeon came to the mound and gave up one run too easily with a walk and a double. After throwing a wild throw, the next batter Seo Ho-cheol was sent out with 4 pitches to make the 1st and 3rd bases safe and passed the ball back. Finisher Kim Jae-yoon pitched.

Kim Jae-yoon climbed the mound on this day, 10 days after he had not been able to throw once since his appearance against Samsung on April 30. It was a situation where I had to start from 1st and 3rd base safely and take responsibility for 2 innings. He rested too long, but since KT is the most reliable pitcher in the bullpen, he put in early to break the losing streak. However, Kim Jae-yoon could not throw normally.

Wild fighting also came out from Kim Jae-yoon. The first pitched forkball thrown to Oh Young-soo, the first batter, No. 8, turned into a wild pitch. First base runner Seo Ho-cheol advanced to second base, and became second and third base safely. On the second pitch, a sacrifice fly to the left fielder gave him one point. Second base runner Seo Ho-cheol stepped on third base.

7-6, I had to keep the 1 point difference. Kim Jae-yoon struck out pinch hitter Kim Seong-wook, but in the first at-bat Son Ah-seop, a single ball threw a decisive run. The first fastball hit the floor and bounced. It became a violent battle again. Seo Ho-cheol, the NC third base runner, stepped on the groove. The innings ended at 7-7 with no more runs, but Kim Jae-yoon didn’t know what to do with regret.

When the KT hitters failed to score at the end of the 8th inning, the NC batters beat Kim Jae-yoon in the top of the 9th inning.

Leading batsman Min-Woo Park hit to the left and Gun-Woo Park hit base with a heavy hit to make the first and third bases unsafe, and batsman Martin number 4 broke the balance with a sacrifice fly to right field.

KT, who fell behind by one point, was silent in the bottom of the ninth. On this day, he dedicated his save to NC finisher Lee Yong-chan, who returned to the first team after 10 days, resigning as a third-person offense. KT fell into a 5-game losing streak.

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