Suwon KT lost 67-83 in the 5th round match against Goyang Carrot at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 10th. KT stayed in 7th place with 17 wins and 23 losses.

In the first quarter, Ha Yoon-gi boasted a field goal success rate of 89% (8/9), and KT took the lead with 17 points. However, in the second quarter, all KT lost their offensive power. For about 5 minutes, there were no attacks other than Jung Sung-woo’s free throw, and he dedicated 11 points to Carrot, turning the charter 27-34. Even after that, KT’s attack was not a threat to Carrot at all. 슬롯사이트

In particular, there was a big difference in the scores of foreign players. When a foreign player appeared on the court, Carrot did his part and showed explosive power. Carrot 1 option Didric Lawson scored 22 points in 30 minutes and 57 seconds, and 2 option Jonathan Alledge also scored 13 points after only 9 minutes and 3 seconds.

However, KT’s foreign players, who seemed to be the winners after being replaced in the middle of the 3rd round, remained silent. Jarrod Jones recorded 9 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in 26 minutes and 33 seconds. After the replacement, the fierce scoring power disappeared, and four mistakes remained next to his name. The same goes for the 2-option Prosper. He played 10:28 and grabbed only 2 points and 5 rebounds. He couldn’t even block Carrot’s foreign players. There was no way for KT, whose two foreign players totaled 11 points, to compete with Carrot’s foreign player’s combined score of 35 points. That’s how KT collapsed.

Manager Seo Dong-cheol, whom we met after the game, said, “It was a game in which all foreign players scored poorly. They say they are doing it, but it seems that they are not concentrating. Jones basically seems to be limited when he doesn’t shoot from outside. Prosper scored points, but put more emphasis on defense and rebounding. But when he came on as a substitute, he started the game with a mistake. It got a little better in the second half. It seems that they are also very frustrated.”

“Still, both of them come out to the gym ahead of time with tension every game and shoot. I’m trying to keep a good feeling. I will induce them to play with more confidence.”

The two foreign players are KT’s winning numbers. However, their presence is slowly fading.

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