How far is this player’s goal record? Man City’s ‘monster’ Haalan has scored another goal in the Champions League. It’s his 45th this season, the most goals ever by a Premier League player.

This is reporter Onnuri.


Rodri’s fantastic mid-range shot captivated Manchester City fans.

Behind this first goal was a clever move from Haalan.

As soon as I created space, the ball rolled with my left foot hit the corner of the goal.

In the second half, Hollan directly raised the attack point.

Taking advantage of the opponent’s defensive mistake, he quickly rushed and connected the intercepted ball to help Silva score an additional goal, and six minutes later, he scored a goal.

He received the pass he dropped with his head and shook the net.

Not only did this goal secure the team’s victory, but Haaland also changed his history.

With the season well to go, he scored his 45th goal, breaking the record for most goals by a Premier League player in a single season previously held by Van Nistelrooy and Salah.

Hollan, who moved to the Premier League this season, completed a goal in any position when he got a chance inside the penalty box with the help of the strongest midfielders, including Debra Winner, and scored six hat-tricks in the season, setting records with a ‘monster’-like momentum. are making

In the Premier League, there is a gap of 7 goals from Harry Kane, who is second in scoring with 30 goals, and in the Champions League, if you score 11 goals in 7 matches and add one more goal, you will record the most goals in the competition season. 메이저사이트

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